Friday, October 22, 2004

Judging Greatness by How Many People Watch Hockey

The CBC has decided to take a poll of who we think is the greatest Canadian. Sure, it sounds like a good idea, but they failed to see some major flaws:

1. Most of the people who watch CBC are watching hockey.
Sure, CBC has some good programming. Unfortunately, so do other stations. The average person will enjoy watching reruns of Seinfeld more than The Nature of Things. Hockey is very popular in Canada, and the CBC airs many NHL games. Therefore, they get a lot of hockey fans watching their greatest Canadian commercials. Thus, it is mostly hockey fans who vote. Take a guess at whom they vote for.

2. People are stupid.
Yes, this was rather blunt, but it is true. Most people don't know the people who actually matter. They think some musician has more to do with how Canada is now than any one of the past Prime Ministers. A hockey player is greater than an author. How can this possibly make sense in anyone's head? Hockey players die in their fourties. Authors are immortal.

3. People don't know enough.
No one can possibly know about everyone in history that has contributed to Canada. Most people die having never been written about, and are forgotten. Some of these people must have done something that has changed Canada for the better, but no one knows about them.

The things about this that bother me the most:
1. Don Cherry is on the top 10 list
WHAT!? Don Cherry is a hockey announcer. How can anyone consider that great? He tells people what's happening during the game. Very few people listen to hockey games on the radio anymore, choosing to watch instead of just listen.

2. Wayne Gretzky is on the top 10 list
Again, I'm dumb-founded. Wayne Gretzky is Canadian, yes, but he spent the last of his career playing for an American team. Not only that, but he was just a hockey player. Now, because of arthritis, he is merely an actor in commercials.

3. Shania Twain (18) is higher on the list than Nellie McClung (25)
Shania Twain is a musician. Nellie McClung won Canadian women the ability to vote. I think I've said enough.

4. Mike Myers (20) is higher on the list than Laura Secord (35)
Laura Secord made a very long trip through the wilderness to warn the British (Canadians) about an American attack. The results of her bravery gave Canada victory in the War of 1812. Mike Myers is an actor. Am I the only one who sees a problem here?

5. Avril Lavinge is on the list.
Quoting the website, "Her tomboyish fashion sense and poppy empowerment songs ('Sk8er Boi' and 'Don’t Tell Me') made her an instant role model for throngs of teenage girls."
Please tell me why this is a good thing.

In conclusion, I am slightly more embarrassed to be Canadian now than I was before I read this website.


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