Sunday, October 17, 2004

What Canada Needs

I live in Canada. As bad as the world is, I'm sure that there is no other place I'd rather live. Canada is by no means perfect though.

First of all, we allow people to purposely kill themselves. I don't mean suicide, I mean alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana.
Tobacco is a proven carcinogen! It causes cancer, not to mention other diseases, such as asthma. Yet the government, in all its wisdom, has decided to let people continue killing themselves, and more importantly, the people around them. Okay, I realize that it is too late to make tobacco illegal. There are too many people that are addicted to just cut off all supply of it. Besides that, it could easily be smuggled in from the 'States. Instead, I think that tobacco should be taxed much heavilier than it is now, while means of quitting smoking should be subsidized. If people can't afford to smoke, they'll have to quit. If the nicotine patches are cheaper, people will be more likely to go to them for their nicotine fix.

The other common evil is alcohol. Alcohol, by definition, is a poison. There is a reason why people get intoxicated when they drink too much. You can't spell "intoxicated" without toxic. Drinking alcohol affects your brain, and not in a good way. It also eventually leads to an addiction. Drinking too much alcohol leads to death. This is all stuff people already know. The question is, if they already know this, why do people still drink? It does not make you cool. It doesn't improve your social skills; it actually makes them worse! It also leads to people taking stupid risks, like driving drunk. So again, why do we allow this? Alcohol should also be heavily taxed. This would make it so that most teenagers, and many adults wouldn't be able to afford to drink every weekend. It would also give the government more money to spend on things like healthcare and education.

Marijuana. It used to be illegal. Why not anymore? Marijuana is known to cause many short-term psychological effects, but also long-term effects that are similar to those of tobacco. Because of these effects, marijuana is sort of a mix of alcohol and tobacco. It is generally accepted that marijuana is not physically addictive, but it is definately mentally addictive. There are arguments that marijuana helps people who are suffering from some diseases. The thing is, so do other drugs, like morphine. Morphine is legal, as long as you have a prescription. If you have a disease that causes you a lot pain, you shouldn't have any problem getting a prescription for another pain killer.

I have more beefs with Canada, but it is getting late, so I will stop at that for now.


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